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The Cast

Meet the handy dandy entrepreneurs who are flipping homes for Texas sized profits. Click on any card for more info on your favorite cast members!

The Lone Wolf (Randy Martin)

When it comes to renovation projects, Randy likes the biggins. He’s been in the business for 30 years. Flying solo, the Lone Wolf likes to leave his buyers hungry for more. It takes gumption to go it alone, but with high risk comes high reward. A hustler by nature, The Lone Wolf divides his profits between himself and no one. Cha Ching!

Myers Jackson

To find the right buyer who will pay top dollar, sellers need the right auctioneer— and there are none better than Myers Jackson. Myers, with his signature black hat and wooden gavel, has a knack for getting every little bit of value out of properties up for auction. Recently, Myers was the recipient of the Chuck Cumberlin Sportsmanship Award at the 2016 International Auctioneer Championship. Not only does Myers have the gift of gab, he is also an avid traveler and photographer.

Kendal Parker

“Go big or go home?” Hogwash—Start with the small stuff and stick around. Never fussy, Kendal is the steady heartbeat to Gary’s Girls. Through her careful attention, and honest sweat, Kendal does the small jobs that keep the projects running. After all, it’s the small and tiny tasks that transform damaged homes into diamonds. In time, she makes the houses shine— just like her smile.

The Snow Sisters

Toni and Donna know a thing or two about houses. These seasoned veterans have been flipping homes for decades. With a nose for a bargain and eyes for a gem, these spunky sisters love rebuilding homes with personality. Toni and Donna are the daughters of longtime Fort Worth home mover H.D. “Daddy” Snow. Together, the sisters possess an uncanny foresight to see houses not merely for what they are but for what they might become.

Paige Lowe

If Gary’s Girls were a pickup truck, Paige would be the hemi. Her tireless work ethic drives the remodeling projects forward. There ain’t no hitch in this get-along. For Paige when problems pop up, it ain’t quitting time—it’s overtime.

HD Snow

H.D. is the father of the Snow Sisters and the grandfather of Gary’s Girls. He was in the home-moving game before anyone even knew the rules. It was back in 1966 that H.D. “Daddy” Snow began placing a glass of water on a kitchen countertop at the beginning of a move. At the end he would check on the glass to see if any of the water had spilled. Raisin’ up a home, loading it on a trailer, and driving it down highways and old dirt roads has never been an easy task. But H.D.’s tall glass of water, resting on the countertop, was a simple measure of quality assurance in the tricky business of home-moving. Well, it’s been over 50 years, and H.D. hasn’t lost a glass of water yet. Slow and steady—that’s how you keep a family business rolling for three generations.

Catrina Kidd

A successful entrepreneur and longtime do-it-yourselfer Catrina Kidd has a strong history of spectacular remodels. Catrina previously helped out as a contractor for the Snow Sisters and has now teamed up with Casey Hester, where her spunk complements his honest grit. When she’s not swinging a hammer, Catrina enjoys date nights with her husband and lake days with her children.


A third-generation home mover, Casey comes with a strong pedigree. He pairs his expertise in building and moving homes together with Catrina’s seasoned eye for design. From bargains to big bucks, these do-it-yourselfers are teaming up for big profits. Casey is quick with a joke and even faster with a flip. When the cameras are off, he can be found fishing with his wife and family.

Melinda Wray

If two’s company and three’s a crowd, then four is a homebuilding hootenanny. Making up a quarter of Gary’s girls— Melinda— brings oodles of design experience to the table. When the chips are down, and the flip is on, there is no better designer to have in your corner.

Brooke Collins

Even the most experienced home flippers could use a hand when the projects pile up and the daylight starts to fade. Meet Brooke, she plays a vital part in the family business.  Whether it’s running electrical, working a drill, fetching a part, or grabbing some ice-cold water— she’s a do it all— do it yourselfer. There’s no task too great or too small for her to tackle.

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