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You normally wouldn’t think of putting a wood floor in a bathroom because of the moisture, but tropical wood is resilient because of the oils. Teak, ipe and cedar are popular choices.


No rugs needed! Not only does it feel good on your bare feet, it compliments materials like tile, natural stone and stainless steel.

Raf and Paige designed this bathroom for a tiny lake house. The wood adds warmth and elegance to the modest space. The minimalist design goes further with a doorless, no threshold shower. The floor helps minimize splash back from the oversized rain showerhead.


No unsightly drain here, the water trickles through the slats into a large shower pan. Coming in from the outdoors, it allows your feet to stay above the cold slippery floor and keeps mildew and fungus at bay. It is a great option for any bathroom design.


Maintenance: Keep it clean by scrubbing with a soft brush. Each panel can be easily removed as needed.


DIY Tip: You are building a floor, therefore, it is important every board is straight as possible. Space the slats about 1/8-inch for water to drain. Design the legs, not to interfere with the drain.


Not ready for a DIY shower floor? Get the look with interlocking panels that are available to purchase in a variety of sizes, designs, colors and materials.


Home featured in Season 7 of Texas Flip N Move.

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