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Crown molding is an architectural feature that makes a home feel inviting and well crafted.  The upscale look can add value to a home. If you already have crown molding, a few more touches can make a big difference.

With some basic handy skills, you can create the illusion of crown molding in a weekend project.

Tip: Always buy 10% more trim for cutting mistakes and pieces that get damaged.

Paint the wall: Make sure to paint past the area you plan to cover with molding.

Pick two types of trim that compliment each other and match the rest of the room. Paint the molding before putting it up with glue. Secure with a nail gun.

Less Stressful: Crown molding typically needs to be cut with special tools and angles. Use a wide, flat piece like a baseboard that is easier to cut in a 45-degree angle.

Some common materials are wood, fiberboard, polyurethane, PVC and flex. Foam crown molding is available in a peel and stick option.

Depending on how dramatic you want the look, add the chair rail below the two to four inch gap. Caulk the seams; paint the trim and the space between the pieces to get the appearance of one thick molding.

But wait, there’s more! In this home, Randy had material left over and used it to tie in light fixtures with a simple ceiling medallion.

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