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Before turning a dead tree into firewood, consider a respectful way to recycle it. Make a unique statement and bring new life to a tree decaying in your yard.


The stump of the tree is often used for indoor or outdoor seats and tables. With this design, we wanted to show more details and slice the tree horizontally down the middle.


Remove bark. You may need to sand with the grain to clean up the chainsaw marks. Use a chisel and vacuum excess debris.


Filler Ideas: To create this look, dyed putty was used. Other materials to consider, but you are not limited to: color exopy, melted crayon, fine pebbles or sand. Add lights and cover with glass to give it a more interesting look.


Apply Sealer: Clear epoxy coats the beauty of the wood in less time and in thicker coats than polyurethane. Keep control: Several thin coats are better than a single thick coat. Apply the next coat once the exopy is tacky.


Air bubbles are a side effect of exopy. Before it dries and gets trapped, use a torch or hot air blower to remove bubbles.


Depending on the shape, you will need 3 or 4 hairpin legs.


You now have a botanical flair with repurposed wood.

This coffee table is featured in a home by Raf and Paige in season 8 of Texas Flip N Move.


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