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Today is H.D. Snow’s birthday making him 83 years young. Here are a couple of things about H.D. that you might not know.

H.D. is older than the FBI. He’s been moving homes longer than Alaska and Hawaii have been states.

His longest home move was 254 miles from Waco to North Texas. That’s over 408 kilometers for our international friends. To put that in perspective that’s nearly the same distance from Paris to London via the A1. Très bien!

H.D. has been up and running longer than the Hoover Dam, and he’s been around longer than Spam.

He’s part of three generations of home movers spanning 75 years— 14 presidencies, and 13 Texas governors.

But most importantly H.D. is a Father of three, a Husband of one, and a friend of many.

Happy Birthday H.D. Snow! You’ve come a long way.

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