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Furniture is usually positioned around the fireplace, making it the focal point of the room. When it isn’t being used as an inviting hearth on those cold nights, make sure it still draws you in.


Rather than the typical brick, tile or rock up the fireplace wall, create a dramatic look with a granite slab. It will look blazing hot, even when there isn’t a roaring fire. Unlike some materials, it keeps its shine, plus holds up against smoke and heat.


Pick Your Slab: Select the slab you want and talk to the installer about how it will be cut. In this home, it came in two pieces from Granite Huggers.


Tie Rooms Together: In an open floor plan, consider using the same granite to coordinate with the countertops or backsplash in the kitchen.


Here, the bold slab was paired with a neutral wall. Art and furniture strategically pull the room together to make the whole space shine.


If the slab looks like it is glowing, that is because it is wrapped with an LED light strip. There are a variety of colors and light intensities to choose from.

Applying the LED light strip: The tape on the back is strong and sticky. Measure and draw a line where you want it to go because it will pull paint when trying to adjust it.


This home featured in season 8 by Randy Martin on Texas Flip N Move.


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