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Primarily used as a necessity and to hide clutter, shelves have come a long way in the design world. They can be a stylish focal point that define boundaries and offer extra real estate for prized possessions.


Strategically placed as room dividers, shelving can be a beautiful way to divide a room.


Find the right spot and make the most of an open floor plan. Display your mementos and decorative items by using every square inch of your home.


Typically, a room divider bookcase allows you to see into the other room. Take inspiration from these floors to ceiling columns that are not your typical design.


Conquer your space: In this home there is double storage per column. Decorations can be placed on both sides because a wall divides the shelves.

Decorate: Carefully select what to display. Less is more. Consider coordinating by colors, shapes or themes.


The shelves facing the living room have books, while the shelves in the dining room have kitchenware.


Design Ideas: 

The shelves don’t have to go all the way up or down the wall.

For a more dramatic look, add lighting to highlight specific decorations.

Add wood cabinets to the bottom shelves for storage.


This design is the best of both worlds, open floor plan with defined intimate space between two rooms.


This homes featured in Season 7, by Randy Martin on Texas Flip N Move.

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