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How often do you see penny tile in the kitchen? It is less common than the bathroom, so why not stand out.


The timeless round and hexagon shapes can adapt to just about any styles because the color choices are nearly endless. They can be toned down or create a bold statement.


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The tiles are simple and with the right effect, they will tie the design of the room together.


In this design, the tiles have a pearl coat that gives a glossy shine. It allows for limited decoration because it is eye-catching on its won.



If you are not ready to cover the walls in penny tiles, use it strategically to accent open shelving, the coffee bar, or the backsplash over the stove.



Installing Tip: Luckily, penny tiles come in sheets. When installing, make the lines where the sheets meet less obvious by staggering the pattern for a seamless result. Don’t be afraid to take the tile to the ceiling.



Penny tile is a great option when trying to make a small room look bigger.

Design Tip: Use a dark grout to show more texture in the individual tiles.

This home featured in season 7 by Catrina Kidd and Casey Hester on Texas Flip N Move.

rsz_f_1l2918          Hester House Moving

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