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Picture frame molding is versatile and affordable. Trim can mimic the look of expensive finishes. The best part, you don’t have to hire a contractor.


Don’t worry about your math skills. First, decide how many boxes you want and what size. Measure the wall to plan where each box will go with the same amount of space between each box.


In this home, the picture frame molding was used in the master bedroom and in the bathroom to tie the rooms together. Once you have placed the first box, the rest should flow smoothly.


DIY Tips:

The thinner part of the trim goes on the inside. Don’t forget to use a level.

Buy extra trim to make room for mistakes.

If liquid nails isn’t enough, use finish nails. Have extra trim already cut because the nails can cause the wood to split.


Make sure the trim is flat against the wall. Once everything is dry, caulk the seams and corners.


If there are blemishes on the trim, consider sanding and coating it again with paint.

The end result is a beautiful space filled with charm.


Home featured in season 8 by Snow Sisters, Donna and Toni on Texas Flip N Move.



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