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If you have ever shopped for a bathroom vanity, you know even the low quality products are expensive. Get the look of a custom piece within your budget, by repurposing furniture.


Second hand furniture will bring character into a newly remodeled room. Don’t just think about a traditional table – look for a dresser, desk, sewing table, TV console or night stands for two sinks.


Sacrifice Storage: Look past the drawer situation because you can modify them to stay permanently closed, to make room for plumbing. For an advanced DIY project, cut the back of each drawer to accommodate the pipes and construct a new backing for the drawers.

Seal a vessel sink with caulk or silicone around the edges.


Measure and make sure the table isn’t too long or wide, but you also have to make sure it accommodates the sink, faucet and counter space you want.


The most important part: Seal the counter to protect the finish from getting wet and damaged. Use a product like polyurethane, oil stain, exopy or laquer that goes on as a liquid coating and dries in a plastic film to protect.51_AfterInterior

The power of hardware: Trade the existing knobs for an upgrade that helps transform the piece.


The standard bathroom vanity with an undermount sink is about 34-36″ from the floor. With repurposed furniture you have to be more flexible, so make sure it is comfortable to stand at and the mirror compliments it.

The possibilities are endless.

These bathrooms featured on Texas Flip N Move by Catrina Kidd and Casey Hester.


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