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When you can’t add square footage, be creative and visually open up the bathroom.

Design Tip: A small space can feel smaller with large furnishings, busy patterns, contrasting colors and bulky decorations. Remember, less is more.

At home stores, large tile is usually in the kitchen or floor section and small tile is in the bathroom section. Go BIG. By using large neutral shower tiles up the wall, the room feels bigger and gives the perception the ceiling is taller.

Pro Tip: By using a grout similar to the tile color, it creates a near seamless floor or wall. A dark grout will make the space smaller and feel divided. Large tiles allow for less grout lines and gives better visual flow.

If you incorporate smaller tile with patterns or designs, keep with the neutral scheme to make the space feel bigger.

Home in season 7 by Gary Smith and Jerry Harris of Texas Flip N Move.



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