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Shades of white are used on woodwork from baseboards, to doors, cabinets and molding so often, it is expected. How have we been able to keep them clean, when any other color is more forgiving and hides scuffs! 

To transform a room easily, paint the baseboards… anything but white.

Dark trim, even black is growing in popularity. Dark doesn’t mean it has to be black or brown. Think about how a color several shades darker than your walls will look.

Design Tip in a small space: Paint the trim the same as the wall, especially if the trim doesn’t have details worth highlighting. However, you can use a glossy finish, to make it stand out just enough. 

Recap: White shades are timeless and accentuates ornate trim. Dark trim creates the appearance it is more interesting. Consider leaving high quality wood natural, for a warm look. 

Dark trim, doors and cabinets are not for every room or every style home, but check out how Paige and Raf incorporated dark brown through the home.

Home featured in season 7 by Paige and Raf or Texas Flip N Move.

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