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Built-in shelves are great for that odd corner where furniture doesn’t fit. Maybe you have a closet or appliance on the opposite side, making the the space challenging to decorate. Corner shelving might just be the answer to your problem. Not only does it add storage, the unit can be a beautiful addition.

Not handy? There are ways to get the look with floating and hanging shelves.

Design Tip: Even if you use a purchased bookshelf, you should still make it your own. Simply paint the back of the shelves. Take it a step further by using fabric or wallpaper with a fun pattern. Measuring and cutting mirrors or beadboard are great options for the expert.

Styling Tip: Leave free space on each shelf because the back is part of the design. If the shelf color is dark, use light color decorations to contrast and make it more visually appealing.

Don’t forget the wall art – it ties in the rest of the room.

Home featured in season 7 by Randy Martin of Texas Flip N Move.

Home is season 7 by Randy Martin of Texas Flip N Move.


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