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Lattice is usually associated with the outdoors. While the diamond shaped spacing supports growing plants outside, it brings an architectural element inside.


In this home, the lattice is framed and painted the same color as the wall, for a more subtle effect. Covering the entire wall will give the room a more wallpaper look, especially if you paint the spaces between the lattice a different color.


Lattice comes in more options than the criss- cross pattern. It also comes in a variety of materials, however, wood is easy to cut, nail, seal and usually less expensive.


Save Time: Painting the slats can be time consuming, consider renting a paint sprayer and practice before getting to work. Circular motion works best.


Primer is available in spray form and keeps the paint from soaking into the wood and being wasted. Put newspaper down; protect your skin and eyes. To stand and paint, angle the lattice horizontally.


Place the trim before adding the painted lattice with nails and panel adhesive.



Leftover lattice: Glue into a recessed wall or bookshelf to tie the rooms together.



Mirror, Mirror on the wall: If your home has an existing wall mirror dating the room, add lattice on it to soften the look.

Lattice is affordable and versatile: Tray ceilings are a luxury feature that visually breaks up the room. Adding lattice to the ceiling is the inexpensive version that accomplishes the same goal of adding style to a boring ceiling.



These pictures prove lattice isn’t just for the outdoors. Look for rooms in your home it will enhance.


Home featured in season 8 by Gary Smith and Jerry Harris on Texas Flip N Move.


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